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Praise the Spirit With-IN

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Many people have said, IF YOU DON'T PRAISE YOU, IF YOU DON'T TAKE CARE OF YOU _ _ _ _ _ _ (Notice those are blanks and NOT PERIODS)!

Those flowers, cupcakes and cards were given to me. W h y, because my friends and family are observing my daily life joy. People are checking my healthy and mental energy. Many comparing my past and present frequency under challenged pressure. Other's wondered if my light waves are real.

I'm balanced, no overdrafts or insufficient as a bank statement.

My statement report from Other's would say: she lives life as if it's the moment of death. Meaning every moment count with excitement, peace, love, excellence, bonding, imagination, fearlessly, questions, perfection, new ideas, meaningful dreams, laughter, taking chances, surprises, give without measuring and extending life! W O W! FANTASTIC MOMENTS, JOIN ME! ITS FREE! DO THE WORK AND GET RESULTS! LIFE DOESNT KNOW TIME, THATS WHY 24 HRS CAN BE YOUR 1 MINUTE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

So, people send their time with me because I'm a 🧲 magnet of love and I'm investing within me Gold Energy every moment. My skin is glowing with green. Not because I love vegetables!! I'm attaching to the tree of life evert moment. I'm the light of life. Everything connects with me has to live an extended life and grow.

Let me share a story with you. Last week during lunch, I planed to purchase meals as a surprise. I went to Freddy's (excellent veggie burger) for food myself and others. I placed the order of various food items and prepared to pay the total. The cashier stated it's free. Well, the person in line paid for our food! Oh boy, the surprise was on me!

I'll continue celebrating me and investing time in me. My outcome is many excellence things connecting to me and beautiful people praising the love the love within me!

W H Y, I'm producing genuine love within and it overflows out of me. Lots of Love!

by Alicia Gallaher

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