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Alicia Gallaher


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     Jasper Naturals Homeopathy Therapist Spiritual Advisor

In 2010 I became the founder of Jasper Naturals because it became clear to me that healing and wellness not only relies on knowing what to do, but how to make it happen in our ongoing busy lives. I make it my focus to understand your special needs, desires, motivators and challenges to most efficiently help you obtain appropriate healing through various healing modalities.


In our collaborations you will have my compassion, empathy and honesty to help propel you beyond your state of wellness. Since this is a life-long passion to make a difference in many people lives my approach will be non-judgmental one whereby I will hold you accountable for your healing. I will help you to recognize when you are not following your healing path and be there to point outs accomplishments that you may have overlooked.

Jasper Naturals is overwhelming successful at helping everyday people accomplish long-sought after healing; let's work together to make your healing dreams a reality.


Alicia Gallaher has over ten years of experience as a Holistic Therapist. She shadowed Dr. Mark Arnold from 2015-2016 and received remarkable training and skills. Some of her achievements, qualifications and affiliations are, Certified Nurse Assistant, Clergy of GA, Chakra Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Reiki I & II Degree, Master/Instructor, Reiki Attunement and Energy Medicine just to name a few healing modalities and therapy used in her healing plan today. She also works as a volunteer at Fayette Senior Services, Promise Place and a Medical Health Board as Director (resigned 2021).

Excited to share December 2021, we received our 501(c)(3) for Jasper Naturals Academy Inc.! 


I encourage and empower people to take ownership of their healing through Homeopathy Therapy and Spiritual Coaching which will lead to healing mind, soul and body Holistically.

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