Fears over Doubts

Updated: Apr 30

Do you feel a person didn't /doesn't project enough and you desire more! Is it possible you set a strong internal personal expectation for others to succeeded on your behalf? Maybe it's fair for you to allow a person give you what's required of them in their condition. People will provide you the time which is available and present.


Maybe you have not noticed, everyone is living life with their on realization and figuring it out in time. Their expectations are greater than saving your lifelong checklist's.

Seek your personal answers for your life questions. Your life experiences and endeavors are designed for solid planning.

If it's unsatisfactory, you can customize and recreate your life plans.

Are you seeking true answers or validations from others FOR YOUR LIFE?

Do you love hearing yourself speak because the inner child wasn't never heard? ! ? !

Are you drowning with fear or blaming others for your mistakes?

A sound mind is a solid plan!

Alicia Gallaher

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