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Sue’s Organic Therapeutic Body Cream contain beneficial ingredients from organic sources that best penetrates deep into the skin giving the skin moisturizing relief. It also helps re-hydrate dry skin by restoring damage skin cells giving it a natural glow. Directions: Best works on cleaned skin.

Body Cream 18.00


Almond Honey & Lemon * Seasonal: Pumpkin & Carrot Hydrating  *  Seasonal: Pumpkin Cream *  Mint & Lavender Hydrating Cream *  Lavender Cream *  Lemon & Coconut Hydrating Cream *  Rosemary & Lavender Hydrating Cream *.  Eucalyptus & Lavender Hydrating Cream *  Coconut & Lime Hydrating Cream

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Sue’s Rejuvenating Hand Cream restores hands by making them feel and look more lively, younger and refresh. Works best on cleaned hands. 

Lemon Hand Cream $10.00



Sue’s Aromatherapy Herbal Bath Bags. Improving Health & Well Being The natural herb combination focus on the mind, body and soul. It helps relax the mind, and uplifts your soul while penetrating deep into the sore muscle and moisturizing your skin. The bags can be use up to 5 times. 

Sizes Large and Medium Bags $10 - $15

Seasonal Cinnamon Herbal Bath Bag * Seasonal Peppermint Herbal Bath BagSeasonal * Eucalyptus Herbal Bath Bag * Lavender Herbal Bath Bag * Orange Herbal Bath Bag

Herbal Bags 


Sue’s Natural Body & Foot Healing Salt improves health and wellbeing. It will boost your overall health by drawing out harmful toxins. It helps to clean and promote healing by detoxing the skin and releasing joint pain. It also helps ease spasma  muscles. 

Sue's Natural Salt 20.00


Sue Creations

  •  Sue Hoddison 

    Enjoying a great life in the South provided me the opportunity to be with nature. My lovely mother was a farmer and her parents were successful farmers. Our love for nature granted us with excellent green thumb!. My mother was born with the natural skills and knowledge of plants. All of her children enjoyed the fruit of her labor. I became more interested of the brilliant growing process she developed and I decided as a child to work alone with her. The touch of the dirt on my hands was fantastic. I realized at a young age that plants play an important role in our lives. Yes! At that very moment. I became a little gardener helper and I had taken gardening seriously. 

    Over 30 years ago, I enrolled into a Technical School and majored in Horticulture. The educational hours and skills allowed me to begin a study of a Horticultural Therapist. Throughout, that time is when I became the Founder of Sue Creations.

    I strongly desire to keep the environment balanced and healthy for the community. I cultivated growing indoor-outdoor herbs, plants, fruits and ornamentals. During this process, I collaborate with mental health experts, holistic practitioners, and clients to reach therapeutic alternatives products. 

    Sue Creations products are hand-made. They are therapeutic and improves health and well-being. The herbal bath bags and the natural foot & body salts are healing aromatherapy soaking for the overall body, mind and soul. It also promotes calmness. 

    The body and hand creams are herbal therapy for the body. It soothes, revitalize, rejuvenate  and has the ability to balance the skin. It’s great for all skin types.

    I am a Master Gardener and when gardening we use organic plants. We use high quality organic soil that are rich in minerals and nutrients. Soil health and quality are very important to us. When it comes to our planting method, we do not settle for anything less.



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