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Sue’s therapeutic hydrating grapefruit cream contains beneficial natural ingredients that penetrates deep into the skin. It gives the skin the moisturizing relief it need on a daily basis. It help re-hydrate dry skin by restoring damage skin cells, giving it a natural glow. Moisturizing everyday can help you have smooth, clear, and wrinkled free skin.

Note: Works best on clean skin.


Therapeutic uses: It's packed with antioxidants which helps to combat free radicals the skin maybe exposed to and it helps transform dull dehrdated complexions and leaves your skin looking youthful.


Sue's grapefruit cream scent brightens and help to boost energy and alertness making it beneficial to your overall wellbeing as well as the appearance of your skin.

The vitamin C content in grapefruit acts as a gentle natural exfoliant, while lightening dark spots and nourishing skin that has been damaged from prolonged sun exposure and aging, environmental toxins. In regards to body care, pink grapefruit's excellent moisture keeps your skin looking healthy and vibrant. (Shipping cost is included in price)


Grapefruit Hydrating Cream

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